Next Steps...

  • Simply contact TLGEC, and we will happily arrange a free, no-obligation site survey - we don’t believe in hassling our customers or pressure selling!
  • TLGEC will visit your property to assess the number of panels that can be fitted, the pitch of your roof, the direction the panels will be facing, and what angle they will be fitted. This information allows us to produce a SAP calculation, informing you how much energy in Kilowatt Hours of electricity per year can be generated by your property. This calculation is standard industry practise, and ensures you are aware of how effective your system will be.  We will also model your system using specialist 3D PV design software taking into account local weather and any shading.
  • Our LGEC expert will be able to answer any queries you have on solar energy, and talk you through the likely return on your investment. We treat every installation as a bespoke project, and will ensure that your system works with your property as efficiently and aesthetically as possible.
  • TLGEC will provide you with a free all-inclusive quote tailored to your needs. We understand that every building is different, and will provide all of the knowledge, expertise, materials and installers to ensure that you have a hassle free installation.
  • Firstly we will arrange an EPC Survey to check your property is suitable.  Then your project is scheduled in with our certified installers, and will be underway within 2-4 weeks. When we arrive at your home, we will carry out the work as quickly as possible, and are conscious of causing minimum disruption.
  • Once your installation is complete, we will be sure to fully explain to you how it works, and check that the system is functioning correctly. From day one your panels will be generating electricity, helping you to run your home for less.
  • We offer a range of maintenance packages, to ensure that your solar panels are always running at maximum efficiency. Our solar representative will happily talk you through these when we visit.

So Call us Now on 01622 832 834 and we will get the ball rolling!!