Home Air Conditioning - Air 2 Air Heat Pumps

Air conditioning for the home or business is now becoming very popular amongst homeowners and property developers within the UK.  With rising oil and gas prices, air conditioning units are becoming more commonplace within homes especially where PV is installed to power the units.

Typically air conditioning is known for its cooling capabilities, but it can now offer both cooling and heating through the use of highly efficient heat-pump technology.  Giving the home a constant comfortable temperature throughout the year.

How it Works


The heat pumps are run completely by electricity.  However rather than heating a coil they use an electric compressor and refrigerants, consuming far less electricity.  Therefore around 4 times more energy(heat) is produced in relation to what is consumed.

By delivering you the heat required in the winter and cooling in the summer Air 2 Air gives the perfect solution to year round home comfort.



Product Specification

We have partnered with Panasonic, bringing you their new Etherea range.  Designed for the domestic market with their innovative design, high efficiency and incomparable purification system, its by far the best product on the market.  

Within the broad product range the are systems to fit rooms of all sizes, with multiple heads available fed from one external heat pump.  Our surveyors will be able to design the optimum system for your property.

Etherea Range Pure Efficiency with Econavi

With inverter control you can still enjoy cool air whilst reducing your energy consumption by half.  Further detection with Econavi further reduces your waste and gives you more energy savings.  Intelligent Human Activity  and Sunlight Sensors optimise the operation according to room conditions.


      Utilises nanotechnology fine particles to purify the air in the room thus ensuring a cleaner living environment. 
     Intelligent Human Activity and Sunlight Sensors that detect and reduce waste, optimising to room conditions.
     The 'A' Inverter system provides energy savings of up to 50%.
     The Perfect Humidity controls the humidity level in the air to prevent over dryness.
     With Super Quiet technology our devices are as quiet as a library.
     The compressors are all guaranteed for five years.


Simply contact TLGEC to arrange a free, no-obligation site survey, and we will design you the perfect heating system for your property.