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How PV Solar Electricity Systems Work


The sun's energy is captured by solar panels, which can be installed on rooftops across the world and in large solar electricity farms, which are designed to capture very large quantities of energy for commercial use.


Solar energy is absorbed using photovoltaic cells, which convert solar energy into electricity in much the same way as a plant leaf uses sunlight for photosynthesis. These cells comprise at least one layer of silicon, or some other kind of semi- conducting material, across which an electrical field is created when sunlight falls on the cell.


The intensity and longevity of the sunlight invariably determines how much electricity is produced, although the photovoltaic cell will be limited to a certain amount of energy that it is capable of producing in full sunlight, which is measured in kWp (kilowatt peak).


With energy costs set to rise even more sharply coupled with the likelihood of energy black-outs in the near future, engaging our solar installer team to create a bespoke stand-alone solar installation is the best possible guard against these ever-escalating costs.


See how much money and electricity your roof could generate right now with this free to use calculator: Click Here for more infomation