Solar Thermal

On average, each home spends 20-25% of its combined annual energy bills on heating water! A solar hot water system can provide almost all the hot water for a home during the summer months and around 50-60% all year round.

Solar water heating systems are very cost-effective and reduce fuel bills and carbon dioxide emissions. The fossil fuels that are produced from burning coal and gas for domestic heating hugely contribute to the green-house effect. By producing your own heating from solar panels, this effect can be dramatically reduced, improving your carbon footprint, and making your house more environmentally friendly.

TLGEC install solar water heating systems that efficiently and effectively heat water stored in a cylinder, ready for use whenever you need it.

How it Works

Heat from the suns rays are used to heat the solar panels.  The liquid in the panels (a mixture of water and antifreeze) is pumped down into a coil in the hot water cylinder, which in turn heats the water in the cylinder.  A conventional boiler is also used to keep the water hot on bad weather days and through the winter.  Giving you hot water all year round.

Solar Thermal can not only be used to heat the water in baths, showers and hot taps, but also used for swimming pools and in commercial premises.


For more information on how solar thermal systems can work for you, simply contact TLGEC who will be happy to answer any queries and arrange a free, no-obligation site survey.